Raspberry Pi radiostations

Built using Audioaddict API, ExpressJS, Raspberry Pi

The list of radiostations, with the play and stop button on the top

This project gave me some understanding of how the Raspberry Pi, Node and a music API work.

I wrote a webapp using Node and ExpressJS which is able to display and play all the music channels of Radiotunes, DI.fm and JazzRadio using their API. Once the app worked, I moved it to the Raspberry Pi and connected the Pi to the internet and my speakers.

With the Node server running on my Pi, I could open the webapp on my phone by going to the local IP address of the Pi. The webapp gives me the opportunity to start/stop listening to a music channel, change the volume and add/remove music channels to/from my favorites.

For me, this is a cheap alternative to "smart speakers" or speakers without bluetooth functionality.