BME680 Monitoring

Built using BME680 sensor, Raspberry Pi, Grafana

A screenshot of the Grafana dashboard showing graphs of the sensors

This project consisted of using a BME680 sensor to gather data from the environment using a Raspberry Pi, and visualizing the data through Grafana.

GitHub repository

The BME680

The BME680 is a small sensor which has the following build in sensors:

So using just one sensor you get all these sensors! It's a very nice sensor to start tinkering.

I bought it from the Pihut for around €20,00.

I used the guide provided by Pimoroni to connect the BME680 sensor to the Raspberry Pi

Rasperry Pi

I still had my old Raspberry Pi Model 2B lying around and decided to use this one for the project.

The code

BME680 systemd service

I used the code and examples provided by Pimoroni to get started and have a way of getting the data of the sensor written to my terminal.

After that I installed MariaDB on my Pi, and modified the Pimoroni code to be able to write the data in the database.

I also wrote a systemd unit file, so the code would automatically start collecting data when the Pi would boot.


Grafana dashboard with BME680 data

The final step was to set up Grafana. I used a guide provided by Grafana to install Grafana on the Raspberry Pi.

After the installation I configured Grafana to read the values from the created database.. and voilà!

For more information and code used and created, please visit my repository on Github